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Angel Alert is a compact personal emergency alert device. In an emergency simply press the panic button, an emergency alert via SMS will be sent to your loved ones with your accurate GPS location.


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Angel Alert is a small compact personal emergency alert device. Angel Alert is GSM/GPS or WIFI enabled, depending on the product you select.
In an emergency simply press the panic button which will send an emergency alert via SMS to your pre-programmed numbers with your accurate GPS location.

The unit is completely programmable and has capacity for an unlimited number of cell phone numbers. Included in your monthly subscription, you will have access to additional features enabling you to add medical information, allergies, photos and any other customisable message you require your loved ones to receive in an emergency.

Angel Alert is available in two model types – Angel Alert Wi-Fi and Angel Alert GSM

Angel Alert check in featureCheck-in when you arrive!

*Available on Angel Alert GSM

Angel Alert’s new Check-In function allows you to notify your nominated contacts of your safe arrival. Simply hold down the button and a pre-set message, with your exact GPS location, will be sent to your contacts.


Angel Alert has a 3 year battery life and a solar panel attached for recharging.

Sim-card is included in the purchase of your Angel Alert GSM model.

50 SMSes per month (Which can be used for emergency alerts or Check-In’s) Thereafter a rate of R2.50 per SMS will be charged.

Angel Aspirations monthly subscription fee of R99 per month.


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Small and concealable
Easy to use
Instantly alert your contacts in the case of an emergency