Angel Aspirations is your Guardian Angel watching over and protecting you. Whether you are behind the wheel, alone in the dark or out and about, Angel devices are designed to ensure that you are prepared in any situation. Angel Aspirations devices have been created with a single goal in mind – to provide a sense of security and comfort no matter what or where you are. We are committed to developing the point where technological innovation and safety meet – creating devices that provide you with comfort in knowing. Give yourself peace of mind in emergencies with emergency alert. Angel devices are installed before it happens – saving lives when it counts.


Easy to use

All of the Angel Aspirations products are easy to use. Emergency alerts are sent either from impact or from simply holding in the button on the device.

You choose your Guardian Angels

You are able to program exactly who your emergency alerts will be sent to.


Affordable subscriptions bringing extra value to your Angel Aspirations products

Set up per region

Group your contacts per area – message relevant contacts based on your location.

Non-invasive installation

Car Angel is not connected in any way to your car’s power provision system – no invasive installation that may void your car’s warranty.

Guaranteed replacement policy

If there is anything wrong with your device upon opening, a new one will immediately be sent out!


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