Car Angel

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Car Angel will transmit an emergency alert automatically in the case of a car accident. This small non-invasive device is easy to install, solar powered and does not require any bluetooth pairing!

Car Angel

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Car Angel will help you to feel safer when in your car. The unit is easy to install, non-invasive and solar powered. Car Angel will transmit an emergency alert automatically and instantly in the case of a car accident. 

Car Angel makes use of a shock sensor – upon activation an emergency alert SMS will be sent to your loved ones as well as nearby in-network emergency services. Your customised SMS will include your GPS co-ordinates and medical information.

Car Angel also has a panic button which can be used to send a manual alert. Car Angel will continue to send messages with the location after being activated to make sure you are found at your eventual destination.
Immediate access to a local rapid armed response network

Each emergency alert is sent directly to a localised emergency network of rapid response services – meaning you will get help as quickly as possible. Within 5 minutes, the closest responder will be dispatched to your exact GPS location.

Our network is made up of over 1500 armed responders – giving you peace of mind that help will find you as effectively and efficiently as possible. 

Emergency services are available in all major metros. Contact us for areas not included.

Angel Alert check in featureCheck-in when you arrive!

*Available on Car Angel

Car Angel’s new Check-In function allows you to notify your nominated contacts of your safe arrival. Simply hold down the button and a pre-set message, with your exact GPS location, will be sent to your contacts.


Angel Alarm Feature:

Use your Car Angel to protect your vehicle (Car, Motorbike, boat etc) by simply arming and disarming your unit. When unexpected movement is detected, tracking on the unit will begin. The units exact location can be monitored via the Angel Aspirations App.

Car Angel has a 3 year battery life and a solar panel attached for recharging.

Included in your monthly subscription:

Sim-card is included in the purchase of your Car Angel GSM model.

Unlimited SMSes per month (Which can be used for emergency alerts or Check-In’s) 

Emergency response services (Any non-emergency/fake calls will be charged at a cost of R300 directly to the consumer’s account).

Emergency services are available in all major metros. Contact us for areas not included.

Car Angel Device Set Up Guide.

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Weight 0.03 kg
Dimensions 7.4 x 3.5 x 1.3 cm

Internally mounted to your windscreen.
Solar Powered.
Small and lightweight.
Non-invasive installation.
Car Angel acts independently of the vehicles mechanics or electronics
Car Angel can measure severity of impact
Car Angel is not reliant on your cell phone's battery or signal
Preselect your Guardian Angels.
Installation is quick and easy, no technician is required.