Asset Angel Light


Asset Angel Light is perfect for protecting assets that you want to protect. The device can be placed into dark storage units and is activated when light is detected.

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Asset Angel light is a device monitoring the things and assets you love. Asset Angel can easily be placed in dark storage areas and will send an alert message when light is detected. Asset Angel is ideally used with assets that are stored away (Stored in Darkness).

Once Asset Angel Light is activated, a programed message will be sent to you via SMS, alerting you that your valuables might be at risk. Asset Angel is easily activated or deactivated.

Asset Angel Light has a 3 year battery life and a solar panel attached for recharging.

Asset Angel Light comes in two model types – Asset Angel Light Wi-Fi and Asset Angel Light GSM

Sim-card is included in the purchase of your Asset Angel Light GSM model. 50 SMSes per month (Which can be used for emergency alerts or Check-In’s) Thereafter a rate of R2.50 per SMS will be charged.

Angel Aspirations monthly subscription fee of R99 per month.

As part of your monthly subscription, the server has reporting functions and log reporting of all alerts. A weekly health status will be sent providing reassurance on the device’s battery status as well as other relevant reporting information.

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Additional Features

Small and easily concealable, Light activated, Protect contents in your safe, truck or other dark storage facilities