Angel Alert Basic GSM

Reach out quickly and easily for help with Angel Alert Basic – a compact personal emergency panic button. 

R399 once-off + R29 per month.

R29.00 / month for 24 months and a R399.00 sign-up fee

Angel Alert Basic GSM

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Angel Alert Basic allows you to easily send for help. The device is a compact personal emergency panic button. Angel Alert Basic is ideal for children, elderly or disabled people left at home – this unit allows them to quickly and easily notify loved ones, neighbours or local community members.

In an emergency simply press the panic button which will send an emergency alert via SMS to your pre-programmed numbers. Angel Alert Basic is ideal as a home panic button. 

The unit is completely programmable and has capacity to send 5 SMS’s to pre-programmed numbers.

Angel Alert Basic allows you to set the message information that gets sent when the unit is activated.

Angel Alert Basic makes use of a SIM card which requires no pairing with a cell phone or any other device. (*No GPS function).


Included in your monthly subscription (R29 pm):

*SIM-card is included in the purchase. 10 SMSes per month (which can be used for emergency alerts). Once the monthly SMS allowance is depleted, the unit will no longer send out emergency alerts.

Angel Alert Basic has a 3 year battery life and a solar panel attached for recharging.

Set up your Angel Alert Basic by following the instructions on the Angel Aspirations Application or by calling the Angel Aspirations toll-free office number. You can also fill out this simple form and email it to along with a copy of your ID.

Payment for the unit and 1-year subscription can be made via cash deposit or EFT.

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Cost R399 once off R29 pm.