Car Angel Device Set Up Guide

Car Angel Device Set Up Guide

Angel Aspirations Car Angel


Car Angel will transmit an emergency alert automatically in the case of a car accident.


This small non-invasive device is easy to install, solar powered and does not require any Bluetooth pairing!

Car Angel is not a tracking device and is activated on impact (in the case of an accident).


Immediately alerts your family and friends of your exact GPS location and severity of the impact.



Device Setup


Set up for your Car Angel quickly with these following steps:

  • Your Car Angel device will come with a preloaded SIM card.
  • Log onto using your information provided when purchasing your Car Angel device.
  • The first time you log into your Angel Aspirations dashboard, you will be prompted to set up your personal profile. Your personal profile will require you to supply the following information
      • Your name, surname
      • Your contact details (Email address, cell phone number)
      • Your ID number
      • Any allergies that you have (and would like recorded)
      • Any additional comments or notes (Such as your blood group, medical insurance information or medical conditions you would like known)
      • The option to upload images (Such as your medical insurance card, your ID etc)
  • Next it is important to set up your device through the auto prompted messages. (You can easily purchase and set up new Angel Aspirations device on this dashboard by clicking the plus ‘+’ icon under ‘Devices’). The prompts will assist you to set up your device and will require your specific device information, including your Car Angel’s phone number.
  • Set up your nominated contacts on your Angel Aspirations dashboard by “adding contacts” under the ‘Contacts’ menu. You can easily and quickly add multiple contacts by typing in their names and phone numbers. Your emergency alerts will be sent to these contacts.
  • The device is triggered by holding down the main button for 5 seconds or automatically if an impact is detected. Once activated, an alert will be sent to all of your angels with your exact GPS location.


How to properly install your Car Angel

Car Angel is easily installed into your car:

  • Your Car Angel should be installed on the inside of your vehicles’ windscreen, close to your licence disks.
  • Locate an area into which the device will fit, and properly clean the inside surface of your windscreen to remove any dust or grease particles.
  • Remove your Car Angel from its packaging and peel off the double-sided tape backing.
  • Simply stick the Car Angel onto the inside of your windscreen, with the solar panel facing outwards and the device’s button facing towards the inside of the car.



How big is the Car Angel?

The Car Angel device is light, weighing only 3.10grams. It is also small and easily concealable. The device dimensions are 1.3H x 3.5W x 7.4 L


What type of material is it made from (How durable is it)?

Car Angel is made using Acrylonitrile butadiene styrene or ABS, it has 1mm wall thicknesses is most areas.


How do I know the device is on and ready to use?

After your nominated contacts’ phone numbers are programmed, the unit will send a test message to all of the contacts saved. Always make sure to programme your own number in for test and programming purposes.


How do I know if my contacts have been notified?

Your emergency alerts are instantly sent to your nominated contacts. If you would like to check your alarm or check in reports, simply log into your Angel Aspirations account and scroll down to ‘Alarm History’ and ‘Check in History’.


How is my Car Angel activated?

The device is triggered by holding down the main button for 5 seconds or automatically if an impact is detected. Once activated, an alert will be sent to all of your angels with your exact GPS location.


How do I charge my Car Angel/do I need to charge it?

Your Car Angel requires no charging as the battery has a three year life span. The device has a solar panel for recharging.


What are the benefits or features of the Angel Aspirations product and monthly fee?

Features include being able to include medical information, any allergies you have or photos as well as being able to fully customise your alert message for your contacts.

Your monthly fee also includes your device’s SIM card, which includes 50 SMSes per month (Which can be used for emergency alerts or Check-In’s) Thereafter a rate of R2.50 per SMS will be charged.


I have a contact that I no longer want to send emergency alerts to

Easily delete any of your nominated contacts by selecting/clicking your contact name and select ‘Delete Contact’.